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Cindy Osga currently works for the State of Michigan, Department of Human Services as the department’s internal control officer. Her responsibilities include oversight of the department’s internal control evaluation process; coordination and preparation of the department’s audit responses and corrective action plans to all audits and reviews performed by the State of Michigan Office of the Auditor General, the State of Michigan Office of Internal Audit Services, and federal funding sources, follow up of corrective action implementation related to those audits; reviewing and issuing final management decisions for the department’s sub-recipient audit reports. Cindy has also worked for the Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan Department of Labor, and Michigan Jobs Commission.

Cindy is a Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM). Cindy has served on AGA’s National Executive Committee as a Senior Vice-President Presidential Appointee, the Senior Vice President of Regional Services for Section I, and as the NEC liaison to AGA’s Ethics Board. Cindy has also served AGA as the Ohio-Michigan AGA regional vice president, and the Ohio-Michigan regional coordinator for Chapter Development and Assistance. Cindy joined the Lansing AGA Chapter in 1992 and has been active with the chapter since that time. She has served in many board positions since 1993 including community service director, treasurer, president (and with that comes president elect and past president), and chapter historian. Cindy is also a charter member of the Western Michigan AGA Chapter. Cindy is currently the Greater Lansing Chapter as the chapter historian, Ohio-Michigan RVP-Elect, and Ohio-Michigan regional coordinator for chapter assistance and development.

Regional Vice President - Elect (2010-2011
Cindy Osga